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I have watched Anita Sarkeesian's latest offering. Episode one of "Tropes vs Women" entitled Damsils in distress. At some point I plan to make a video to go into further details on all that is wrong with her position on how women are used far too often as objects to be possessed or claimed. that they can often times be reduced things to be passed between two males fighting over her like a piece of meat. what's her arguments? in short she goes after donkey Kong and ends with super mario and princess peach.

she ignores details when they don't fit her message and she doesn't even bother to learn about the characters because... you know...facts and shit. she says peach is like a ball being passed between mario and bowser. first off if anyone is reducing peach down to an object it's....Anita herself. she starts off talking about the bad and slightly sexist trope of women being kidnapped and men having to bravely come to her rescue as a form of sexual conquest. that the man can claim his "woman" as a prize...a sexual prize. but mario isn't doing this for anything more then he feels a sense of justice in risking his life for a woman he doesn't get to fuck and certainly doesn't get to kiss. he gets fucking cake for all his efforts. and that's good enough for him. oh but we cannot see marios work as being noble no no...he's being a sexist pig by going after a princess who is somehow unable to rescue herself.

never mind luigi's mansion (which has a sequel coming out later this month) in which mario himself is depowered and taken prisoner. luigi himself is almost taken too. oh but we can't let a little game like that ....or mario's missing on the nes as nitnendo bucking the trend no no. Because miss Anita moves the goal posts by insisting that these games (which she didn't show on her show btw) aren't part of the "main" mario series and so they don't count. and she doesn't even touch much on mario sunshine (er or at all) so that she can say that fans only focus on the main mario series and thus it's wrong.

what about Resident evil code name veronica. sure a man opens up claires sell but I hardly call that him saving her. he dies in the jail alone and figures he'll let her at least have a chance to escape on her own. most of the men who may help her ususally end up mutated and she often has to try to kill them. this almost the same trope in reverse and anita doesn't care. or what abour resident evil Zero...rebecca chambers doesn't exactly seem helpless. or I'll go one further and speak about resident fucking evil 3:Nemisis....oh wait but that's a bad example because jills dressed as a whore.right Anita???

she brings up Zelda too. she says all games depower zelda thought she speaks of sheik she mentions in passing that Zelda can be a side kick now and again showing concept art of Zelda spirit tracks without actually talking about the game. zelda is the game she can be even more powerful by inhabiting the bodies of enemies and helping link along the way. the fucking series is named after Zelda for fuck sakes. and she never talks about the Zelda cd-i game where Zelda was the only playable character and is considered one of the best of the CD-I zelda titles.  oh but you know....facts and shit.

by days end you start to see my point. she omits facts that don't fit her narrative. she moves goal posts when it does fit her narriative. or she only briefly brings up games that could be damaging to her cause and missrepresents them to suit her own needs. and don't even get me started on the fact that her comments,ratings,like dislikes are all disabled.   she will claim it's because she gets rape/death threats but it has nothing to do with that. if this series is about engaging the internet on a wide raging of topics then this isn't the way to do it. and it also sends the message that her talking points don't stand up to scrutiny. she isn't interested in defending herself. she is interested inperpetuating the "i'm a victim" stereotype while acting like shes a "stong independant woman."

that doesn't mean I support abusing her or the rape threats or the insecure bullshit that a lot of men have thrown her way because they are scared she will break down their doors and take their precious games away. being mysogenistic for the sake of being mysogenistic is never okay....not that being a whiney entitled dick for the cause of man is okay either but some people take this shit way too far and take it way too seriously. Anita does tedx talks but she is a scared scared little girl who would crumble in open debate and cry victimhood to try to win her arguments because she really doesn't care. she herself is self absorbed,self interested and doesn't really care at all about womens rights. Despite the monicure of "Feminist" in the title of her shows she actually doesn't associate with Feminists and doesn't like the cause as she sees it. which makes the title of her show rather disengenious to say the least.

she won't take our games away. she won't change our games either. and for the record I do agree with equality and equal represntation in gaming but Anita is not the hero we all need for that. she isn't even an anti-hero. she's a petty woman who cares more about video games then she does t.v.,magazines and books because....videogames. and when she trotted out that picture of herself as kid holding a controller in her hand as if to say "I'm a gamer too." I almost punched my T.V. she gives girl gamers a bad name.

and yet I find it funny. my friends who post a critique of her video without actually talking any smack against anita are finding themselves being attacked by rad feminists who only read the title and then claim that men are being men and men are bad cause they are attacking anita. because anyone who dares speak out against her is a whiney insecure white male who likely has a small penis and lives in his mothers basement (no really this is considered an valid ad homenem attack on any decenters)

if this post offends you. if you feel that Anita is the jesus of your cause in gaming then I suggest you take a deep breath and grow up.
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Quick-5 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
Wand of Gamelon...she thinks that WAND OF GAMELON is one of the BEST ZELDA GAMES!?....RAGE 
badcop69 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
well actually she doesn't from what I recall. she doesn't think the CD-I games count because it wasn't a popular system.  some of the point is that she wants to pick and choose when it counts and when it doesn't and then say that anything that might at least prove a problem for her Narrative shouldn't have to count at all. I used to own a cdi. I never got to play any of the zelda games but I did watch reviews and playthroughs so  I get why people tend to hate that game but still. if all gamedom has to be judged then we cannot simply sit back and act as if there are no examples of things like Zelda as the main character in her own adventures.
Quick-5 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
Bottom line: Anita Sarkeesian is just terrible.
badcop69 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
well said.
CelticKawaii Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
A-frigging-men! I wish there were more girls making critique vids in response to Anita's videos, not because of them personally, but because having a girl be the one speaking against her would take away any argument of "you're just an insecure sexist male!" So in other words, even their utterly pointless trump card would be rendered moot.
My position is that fine, she can think however she wants about society and media. But instead of bitching about what everyone else should do, how they're supposed to make movies/shows/games/etc., she should think up her own stories that are to her liking! Really, why do I have to apply all the "Sarkeesian Litmus Tests" to make sure it's pleasing to one person?!
badcop69 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 very true to all of this and thank you for the comment. as to women making more vids against her. they are. as of writing this not only have many women in the industry itself come out against her. but the wife of supporter cliff blizinsky, said she saw no issue and loves sexy characters.

 the problem is this does not take the wind out of her sails. 1. she made a "strawman" chart where she gave sarcastic answers to what women say about her. 2. feminism in the modern age has an answer to women that don't take their side. they label the women as "chevenistic" meaning that they are only emulating the sexuality of men and therefore do not count. or they say the women are just blinded by their indoctrination to the patriachy. I wish I was joking. but this is how 
it tends to go. look up any major debate of women who support the porn industry and you'll see the bias people like anita have. (she is a memeber of stop porn culture as it happens.)

as to the last charge. anita did propose her video's call the last princess. and not only does anita not get what a monarchy is (she seems to think it's like patriarchy and thus is male rule.) but her game is cliche and often employs the same tropes she speaks out on. she's a con artist. that's the worst thing cause she's been caught not spending the money on the series she was paid for (for example most of her game footage is uncredited stolen let's play footage from youtube.) and that's only one example of the dirt people have found on her.  she's not really doing this for female empowerment. she's doing it for money. which dirties what is already become a dirty name " modern feminism"  (and no ,for those who will come upon my response some years on, I don't hate feminism or think it's stupid. it was much needed, but modern feminism sadly is anti-sex,anti-women of color,anti-lbgt rights,anti-trans rights,transphobic and some does not hide it's hate for men,while supporting slut shaming that supports the very rape culture it speaks out against,some are even anti-women's right to choose. oh but it's all about inclusion and equality right?)
Tenkage Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
*high five* Also might want to see this
badcop69 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks. and also thanks for the link though I have known of this great blog for some time now. I am making a video on just this issue. but I thank you for showing me this link.
AuroraBluewolf Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
can i hug you? cuz this is awesome.

i think a real feminist would be more inclined to fight against genital mutilation instead of whining about her video games. and you know, while her soda's getting warm, thousands of girls have been abandoned by their families because they thought she was a witch when the excessive bleeding wouldn't stop after they sliced off their labia. So yeah- her idealized game characters are sooo much more important than fighting a real evil.
badcop69 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with you completely. I realized a lot of this today. if she really cared and felt that media truly influencesthe behavior of future men then why only videogames? why not t.v.,movies,books,magazines...etc? but more over there is this other feminst blogger who said much the same thing as me...Anita told us what we already know and didn't cover new ground. so even if this idealized video game female character was that important,she didn't spend any time talking about anything that anyone who reads femnists blogs or is paying attention...didn't already know. thus that money in one episode was a waste and her time presenting this video was a waste. it's like when PETA makes a game about tanooki suits while a real crime against animals (a gorilla massacre) happens at the same time. the tanooki's aren't hunted like PETA said and meanwhile real harm against animals is going on. they waste everyones time. so she works against her stated goals because all she cares about is herself and her own form of feminism. when compared to female genital mutilation,the fact that women are still burned as witches and don't even get me started on "corrective rape." this was uneeded. and her attention grabing harms women by taking attention away from what true horrors against women are happening right now. thank you for the comment and yes you can hug me I don't bite. I don't play for one team when it comes to human rights I care deeply about women and men and hope to leave this world a lot better then I came into it. take care.
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