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Mad Max 2 Snake Tow Truck 3D MODEL
Restarting my 3D models. First reworked model in over a year. this one was very poly heavy and NOT at all accurate to the movie. but now with the help of Blu-screenshots and the like I am able to add new detail that I didn't see before. 

This is almost a complete rebuild from the ground up. 90% of this model is my own work. The main truck body being the 10% that is not mine. I am very happy with the rebuild. and this isn't the stopping place I plan to make tons and tons of models starting with mad max and moving outward. Hope you enjoy.
War Crow Design
Show your Enemies no Mercy with this sharp design. Shirts,stickers,mugs Etc found here:…  Thanks for checking out my designs and have a nice day.
Heart Under Glass Design
playing around with sketch work and changing them into designs. design can be found here:…  thanks for your time.
Heart Pills Design
An interesting design and play on the name of heart medications. Design can be found here:…  thank you for checking out my art.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I understand kink and I understand fetish and I especially understand the people who make art that is unusual.  But even in it's hay day Deviant art was always the ass end of the internet. other artsites hate this site and consider it trash.  but that's not why I am writing here today. I am here cause honestly I've been on both sides and I've felt the emotions you
all feel but I am here to say that Mister Metokur isn't wrong in what he's been doing and NO he hasn't been sending anyone hate mobs period.

 I have many kinks I partake in when my fiancee and no I don't care to air them out here and even just basic BDSM tends to get one the target of horrible people on the net known as internet feminists and SJW's whom feel that no matter how consentual BDSM is tourture of women and anyone who partakes in it only wants to do it cause they love to beat women. and women only love it cause internalized mysogyny or some such bullshit rationalization.

 And while I try to live and let live myself ,especially on this site, you have to admit that babyfurs and things like that are fucking weird. yes it's best to draw or write it out instead of acting on it. but for fuck sakes there is no way to say that this is normal in any capacity at all. that said on the whole I don't care what you are into over all...I don't go to pages on DA where I know I won't like what I see and I don't flame cause fuck it. so long as you aren't acting on any of this shit then fine I won't brother you about it. but if some of this leads to one acting out on real life childern or shit then we have to have a serious talk. it's kinda like my time spent researching pedophilia using scientific studies. in that some pedophilies partake in say lolicon and that's as far as it ever goes. and so long as you aren't making or collecting real life child pornography of real childern then personaly,while it skeeves me out,I don't care and I don't flame over it cause frankly there is nothing wrong with being born a pedophile so long as one never acts upon it and yes dear readers there are such people in the world who exist and have morals and no I don't want to drag out old research to prove it. if you want to say I am a liar then do the research I had to when I was trying to prove that non offending pedophiles don't exist (hint they do and in surprising numbers but I digress)

 the point is I know BDSM is weird to most people. I own up to that and don't take offense when people try to say I am horrible for what I do with my consenting fiancee. and eventually you have to come to own your shit. and it's a life lesson I wish I had learned early on as a child because it would have saved me a lot of emotional issues and grief. you like some pretty fucked up shit. so do probably most people if they are honest with themselves and everyone else. there will always be people who don't understand or don't want to understand and that's on them but how you take it is on you because eventually you are the only common denomninator in all the shit you deal with. you can either be an adult child and scream discrimination and stop your feet and ultimately get what you deserve...which is to be laughed at or mocked. or you just fucking move on with life and enjoy your art.

 because what does it say about you when you borthered so much about what someone else thinks of your life choices that you feel compelled to make a video on it? in most cases if you move on so too will the bigots and trolls and those who stay don't matter. you have a friends and a community here but if you silence the voices of decent then how are you not also using a hate mob against the very hate mobs you claim to be against.  science even tells us that those who pick on you are sadists and they get off on causing you visible pain. but if you litterally ignore them they go away it's funny how we've been saying this for years and now sciene agrees and so I'll throw you a bone here just to show I am right on that last bit :…

 and this isn't the only article to speak on this either. you have to grow a thicker skin period or get off the internet. and that's not me bullying you dear readers. it's me speaking from my old too sensative self to the people of the now. it may not feel good and you may want to hurt those who hurt you back but then where does it end for you? at which point does your actions make you no longer in the right and just part of the hate you seek to stop? haters are gonna hate no matter what you do so what are you going to do? become the monster? or stay who you are and stay true? I hope you pick the second one cause if you just want to be the monster then kindly fuck off because you no better then Mister Metokur here and you own lower yourself when you try to make this shit go away cause you don't like what it says. life is hard it's not a safe space it won't protect your feelings only you can do that. and the sooner you learn it the better. I have mirrored Mister Metokurs video because as much as I may enjoy this site when it's not creepy...I don't stand for censorship and will not tollerate people flagging a message they dislike down rather then confront the message or to confront that which makes them unhappy within themselves. introspection is god people.  


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thanks for having me. with respect, you don't seem to have a section devoted to 3D models. I will eventually be working on a few of them because I grew up with the toys and it would be nice to have them for eventual use as video game mods.  say have you heard that Hasbro recently registered Mask for trademark? seems they may reissue the toys.
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I sort whatever comes in according to the folder names. So whether it's 3D or not if it features VENOM characters it goes into VENOM Agents folder, Vehicle shots in the vehicle folder and so on. So whatever you do and submit will be featured as well as sorted to the proper folders. If I think it merits it's own folder I'll give it one, like a full comic or something like that. 

Yes they've had the trademark for years and issued a 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe of Matt Trakker in an updated Spectrum mask and uniform with a weapons and a helicopter backpack. 

Personally I hope they reissue the classic toys and maybe update the painted details on them and the figures because for such tiny figures they had an amazing amount of sculpt detail. 
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